About & CV


My name is Tiago Ferreira and I am a Computer Engineer Student in the field of Networks and Systems Administration. I also am a big DIY’er. Pretty much all the time I need something new or a new problem arises, the first thought in my head is “how hard can it be?”.

I really like the cyber-security field and I think it is a really important one nowadays. There is an emergent need for more security given how much more information we put online everyday and if there is something that we shouldn’t kid around is online security.

You can find my résumé  by clicking in one of the buttons down bellow. It is updated and if you think I would be a good match for your project or company, contact me and we can talk about it!

Download Résumé - Portuguese

Bellow you can find some more information on skills and previous positions that are more generic and don’t fit as well an IT oriented résumé:

Other Skills:
  • Harp certification from Convervatório de Música de Coimbra
  • Mandolin player for 10+ years
  • Public Address knowledge acquired “on the job” while doing this service for GEFAC and other groups
  • Metal welding (Arc and MIG) knowledge acquired while DIY’ing
  • Development of Arduino based solutions for diverse problems (some of them can be found in my blog)
  • Electronic soldering knowledge
  • Car repair and general mechanics
  • General gadget repair
  • Great communication and inter-personal skills
Previous Occupied Positions:
  • President of GEFAC for a period of an year and Treasurer for two. GEFAC is a group with over 50 years of work and history. Click the links in the name for more information;
  • Technical Coordinator of GEFAC for 5 years;
  • Warehouse assistant for a drink delivery company for a period of one month (PenaDrink).